Excerpt Two

Glenn grew up in northern Pennsylvania. He was a farm boy whose rural upbringing and family teachings led to his lifelong interest in theology. But it was his great-uncle, a member of the first Pennsylvania State Police class, who inspired him to pursue a career in law enforcement. In time, Glenn would become police commissioner for Pennsylvania, the highest-ranking law enforcement official in the state.

Steve also had a law enforcement background. He was a former police chief, as well as a renowned firearms expert. At 6’5″ and 250 pounds, he was an imposing presence, but had a reassuring demeanor that made him seem like just the person you’d want coming to your aid in an emergency. He was raised in a rural setting by a loving grandfather, who made it a point to spend countless hours hunting and fishing with his grandson. Steve grew up with an affinity for Mother Nature, and for guns.

While Glenn invited strangers close with an easy smile and a twinkle in his eye, Steve was more reserved, keeping people at arm’s length until he got to know them better. Glenn and Steve were seasoned criminal investigators, the type both UC officials and Congress decided were needed to straighten things out in Los Alamos—particularly following the Wen Ho Lee affair, and the ensuing reported losses of storage devices carrying secret information. Years had passed since these headline-grabbing events, and so by 2003 the more pressing concern was whether the contract for running the Los Alamos National Laboratory would be put out for competitive bid. To prevent this from happening it was imperative that there be no further disclosures of mismanagement. Resolving deficiencies, therefore, wasn’t the priority, and certainly not reporting problems. Making sure nobody heard about them, however, was.

The two investigators had survived less than a year at LANL before being fired for uncovering fraud. They became whistleblowers, and within days achieved national notoriety. Underlings were blamed for having done the “dirty deeds” that served to undermine them, and were then given lucrative separation packages to leave the lab quietly. UC officials claimed ignorance regarding the decision to terminate Glenn and Steve; preventing the university from being further tarnished by the scandal was all that mattered.

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