Excerpt One
I’d managed to remain in the lab’s good graces for more than a decade and a half, but whistleblowing wasn’t tolerated. And those who dared to were destined to be driven out of the institution, litigated into bankruptcy, or worse. Official resistance to resolving my complaint lasted years. It hadn’t mattered how much my torment had cost taxpayers in terms of legal expenses, so long as the University of California (UC), the lab’s parent, was spared any liability.

The university provided a facade of academic legitimacy that the military-industrial complex used to its own advantage.  Read more


Excerpt Two
Glenn grew up in northern Pennsylvania. He was a farm boy whose rural upbringing and family teachings led to his lifelong interest in theology. But it was his great-uncle, a member of the first Pennsylvania State Police class, who inspired him to pursue a career in law enforcement. In time, Glenn would become police commissioner for Pennsylvania, the highest-ranking law enforcement official in the state. Steve also had a law enforcement background. He was a former police chief, as well as a renowned firearms expert. At 6’5″ and 250 pounds, he was an imposing presence, but had a reassuring demeanor that made him seem like just the person you’d want coming to your aid in an emergency. He was raised in a rural setting by a loving grandfather, who made it a point to spend countless hours hunting and fishing with his grandson. Steve grew up with an affinity for Mother Nature, and for guns. Read more


Excerpt Three
The call came about 4:00 in the morning. “It’s Susie,” my wife said as she handed the phone over to me. “Tommy’s in the emergency room.” “What?” I asked. “Tommy’s in the hospital,” she repeated. “It’s his wife on the phone, Susie.” I took the phone.“Come to the hospital,” said the voice quivering on the other end. “Tommy needs to talk to you. He’s badly beaten. Oh Chuck, please.”  Read more


Excerpt Four
In the summer of 1998, my wife and I were in a hotel room in Madrid, Spain, when we first heard the name of the protagonist in LANL’s latest scandal. We were on our first trip beyond the western hemisphere, and were hoping we’d left the LANL layoff turmoil behind for a while. From the Old World I watched in amazement as the story unfolded on Spanish TV—suspected espionage in Los Alamos. The reporter said the alleged spy’s name was Wen Ho Lee, and that he was suspected of divulging secrets to the People’s Republic of China concerning the design of the W88, an extremely compact thermonuclear warhead developed in Los Alamos twenty years earlier for the US Navy. It was a relatively old design, yet still very sophisticated. Read more

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